Dance Specific Physiotherapy Services

Dance Specific Screening Assessment


A Dance Specific Screening Assessment is an invaluable tool for any dancer regardless of age or level. Education of dancers, parents and/or teachers is the priority from the assessment.  Understanding each students individual anatomy and how their body works will not only help with injury prevention, but also enhance dance technique and performance.  Individualized exercise programs are provided to correct any areas of concern that may arise from the assessment.


This in-depth assessment covers:


  • Postural alignment and symmetry

  • Muscle imbalances and/or weaknesses

  • Flexibility

  • Hip mobility and strength for turnout

  • Foot and ankle mobility and strength

  • Postural stability and core control

  • Dance specific technique


Pre-pointe Assessment (group or individual)


Going ‘en pointe’ is a major milestone in a dancers training.  If not done appropriately, it can have serious consequences in regards to a young dancer’s development and risk for injuries.  Having an assessment done by a trained medical professional can reduce this risk of injury and ensure a safe progression to dancing en pointe. In a usual Pre-Pointe Assessment the following areas are assessed:

  • Overall dance technique

  • Foot and ankle mobility

  • Foot and ankle strength

  • Postural control

  • Core stability and strength

  • Turnout range and strength

  • Stage of physical development



Assessments can be done on an individual basis or in a small group setting. Students are provided with immediate feedback and comprehensive corrective exercises are prescribed for any areas that may need further development. Once all requirements of the assessment have been met, the therapist will consult with the dance teacher who will give the final approval to purchase pointe shoes.

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